Thursday, December 15, 2005

Comment Spam

The spammers seem to have figured out how to post comments using my old custom comments form, so I've had to change back to the standard Blogger comments with word verification. Most inconvenient.

Blogger ought to allow individual bloggers to create a "whitelist" of registered Blogger users who are "approved" to post comments to the blog without requiring word verification. At the very least, it should be able to recognize the owner of the blog (perhaps the same way it does when inserting 'delete' and 'quick-edit' icons for our eyes only) so we don't have to continually verify ourselves. The current situation is just silly. My own blog ought to know that I'm not a spammer! And it would be nice if I could also tell it that certain other users aren't spammers either.

If you like the "word-verification whitelist" idea, spread the word and write to Blogger with this feature request. If enough people ask about it, they might at least look into the possibility.



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