Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Exams are finally over. Blogging will resume when I can bear to think again. (Don't hold your breath.) In the meantime, don't miss a great new comment from Mike B. over on my old 'metaphysical contextualism' post. I especially liked the following passage:
[R]ather than thinking of misguided arguments, or misguided arguers, as victims of faulty thought processes, of a cracked lens, perhaps it is sometimes better to think of them as having a stuck lens, of lacking lubrication. Then, the best way of freeing up their mechanism is to bring up their image in your own lens, describe it carefully to them, and change your focus slightly, describing how one image changes into the next, so that they can see how a different view can be gained, until you get back down to the image you want.

As for me, the piano beckons, and then some flighty fictions I want to read...


  1. What're you reading? Just curious.

  2. Just finished Elizabeth Haydon's 'Elegy for a lost star'. Next stop is Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower'.

  3. Thanks for the reference!

    Things that look good on a reading list: for more on chemically-enhanced utopias, try "Brave New World" if you haven't already. For immortality, music and death try "Steppenwolf", by Herman Hesse. The former is a good antidote to "The First Immortal", but it's probably even more tendentious a piece of propoganda than Halperin's book. It also has a slightly irritating but thorough rebuttal at

  4. This blog rocks. 'nuff said.


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