Monday, November 21, 2005

Tags for Categories

Two bits of news, both involving the wonderful I've added a linkroll of comments I make to other blogs. It should be on the main page sidebar, just below the list of (this blog's) "recent comments".

You may have noticed I haven't updated my manual 'categories' for several months. It's just too much work. (I can usually find more recent posts using a site-search anyway.) But ecmanaut has come up with a very useful-looking Greasemonkey [see here] script which makes it easier to categorize your blog posts using tags. So I'm trying that out now. The only complication is that I already tag other websites, so to isolate my blog posts I will tag them with 'PhilosophyEtc'. This can then be combined with topical tags to yield my blog archives by category (e.g. tools). I'll eventually add the most important category links to my sidebar, for ease of access.

P.S. See here for an introduction to tags and why they're so well suited for forming Blogger categories.



  1. Super-cool blog design you've got here!

  2. I have a simple way create categories in your blog. Please see for more info.

  3. Thanks Richard. This has helped me to finally get my tags/categories working. :-)


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