Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Bipartisan Suggestion

The government should fund LaserStrike for kids. (You might know it by a different name: the basic idea is that you run around shooting each other with lasers. The vest you wear detects any 'hits', and the team which inflicts the most hits at the end of a set time period wins.) It's great fun, but we could only afford to play it on special occasions (e.g. friends' birthdays) when I was growing up. Anyway, I figure liberals should support the funding for the sake of alleviating child obesity. And conservatives might support it on the grounds of military training -- sure, it isn't entirely realistic, but at least it keeps kids fit, and glorifies violence. (Oops, liberals should ignore that last sentence!) You might even have some military 'talent scouts' out recruiting at "senior tournaments" of teenagers. Convinced?


  1. not sure your argument will get the conservatives on board.

  2. But it involves guns! ;)

  3. If they amend the American constitution to allow Arnold to run for president, I'm going to vote for Richard instead.

  4. Damm what a brillant idea Richard!

    You should be studying at Auckland you know, every year there has been at least one all night (from 11 PM - 6 AM) laser strike event up there... Once it was even after a fancy dress party so for the first game we had someone running around in an Easter bunny suit... I'm sure taking joy in hunting and killing the Easter bunny has to be wrong, but it feels so right...


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