Monday, September 19, 2005

Philosophers' Carnival #19

Mathetes has published the 19th Philosophers' Carnival. There are several really interesting entries this time around -- I especially recommend Jason's post on Egoism (where I chip in, in comments), and The Frozen Texan on time's arrow. I should add that the carnival host was pretty selective, so entrants shouldn't worry too much if their submission wasn't included this time around. There'll be another carnival in three weeks' time, so give it another shot then!

P.S. I note that the Mathetes blog has one of those awful templates with grey text against a black background, which is practically impossible to read in Firefox (at least on my computer). If you find the same problem, you can use the Aardvark Firefox Extension (or Platypus) to convert the page back into black-on-white.


  1. You should try using opera. It renders it black on black!

  2. It renders black on black on Safari as well.

    Sorry I didn't make a submission. I had one half finished and then got sick with allergies. Next time though...


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