Saturday, September 03, 2005

Final Kiwi Carnival

Tim has posted the sixth Kiwi Carnival: here. Unfortunately, NZ bloggers haven't shown enough interest to provide the sort of momentum needed to keep the carnival going as a worthwhile project. So that'll be the last one, I think.

I'll use the comments section of this post as a way to gauge interest. Leave a comment if you want the carnival to continue (and are happy to do what's required to achieve this). If we get enough signatures, I'll revive the carnival. Otherwise, that's all for now.

If anybody else wants to take over the idea and start up their own NZ blog carnival in this one's place, feel free to do so.

Otherwise, I'd be interested to hear about possible alternatives for fostering rational discussion in the NZ political blogosphere. This is something I discuss a bit here, raising the possibility of an argument-tracking 'wiki'. Another possibility would be to make use of, as mentioned in the latest carnival. Any other ideas or feedback would be most welcome.


  1. That's a shame, but i understand your reasoning. I think the nature of the nz political blogosphere, at the moment anyway, is more competitive than cooperative (unless it comes to ganging up on someone) so maybe that's why?

    anyway good on you for giving it a good shake of the saveloy and i'd be in if it gets relaunched anytime.

  2. It's a shame that contributors have been so useless, since the hits I have been getting really make me think there is a lot of interest from readers.

  3. Ah, I was just checking my pots to send you something. I wonder if post-election the collegiality of NZ bloggers might re-emerge, making this project more likely to succed?

  4. I'm sorry to hear that it has mothballed for the time being. I'm not surprised though. Good on you for giving it a good whack.


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