Friday, August 19, 2005


The fifth Kiwi Carnival is now up at Random Contributionz, and quite entertainingly presented. I'm not sure whether there will be any more. Half the entries in this last carnival had to be "force"-picked by the host due to lack of submissions. If it's received well enough by the other kiwi blogs, and someone volunteers to host the next one, maybe we'll go ahead anyway. But otherwise, that will be the last Kiwi Carnival.

On a more positive note, the next Philosophers' Carnival is coming up in just over a week -- so start thinking about making a submission!


  1. I'd volunteer to host the next one, but I expect to be rather busy in two weeks time. But I can do the one after.

  2. Thanks. Of course, if all else fails I can always host again myself. But it would be preferable, I think, to spread the hosting around some new blogs.

    The main thing I'm worried about is whether there is sufficient widespread interest in the carnival to make it worth continuing. I figure if we can't find any willing new hosts, that's probably good evidence that the interest just isn't there (beyond a small handful of us). Of course, the lack of submissions is even more direct evidence of this... ;-)

    [cut - I started to write more, but the comment got a bit long so I turned it into a new post.]


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