Saturday, August 06, 2005

Blogetic Justice

A nice thing about blogs is how the open comments sections mean that bloggers can be held to account for what they write. So, for example, when the contemptible Peter Cresswell recently mocked "dumb-arse philosophers" (specifically, me), he was soon made to look like the ignorant fool that he is.


  1. When two philosophers call each other fools, the greatest fool is any third party who bothers to follow their argument.

  2. I just read Peter Cresswell's criticism of your interesting blog and the subsequent commentary on both your sites.

    How quaint to read criticisms of the *practicality* of philosophical logic written on a computer and communicated via the Internet! Does Mr Cresswell's PC not employ Boolean circuits, perhaps? Or does his PC have an operating system architecture without stacks, so avoiding any possibility of using reverse Polish notation in its arithmetic calculations? Or perhaps it communicates to the Internet via a non-standard protocol, one without either formal syntax or semantics?

    It must be a difficult life, that of the Luddite blogger!


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