Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Guest-bloggers Wanted

Update: It's all sorted now. I'm very excited about the great line-up we'll have here next week. I'll offer more details and introductions on Sunday before I leave. Original post follows below the fold...
I'll be away in Australia all next week, without regular internet access. So I'd like to find a couple of volunteers to pick up the slack by "guest-blogging" here while I'm gone. Ideally, I'd want someone who has a style of argumentation similar to my own (though if it leads you to different conclusions, that's fine) -- in other words, a strong commitment to analytic philosophy.

As far as the guest posts go, I'd be much more interested in quality rather than quantity: so even if you just write two or three substantial posts during the week, that'd be great. (Especially if I could get two or three such volunteers, so as to add up to roughly daily postings in total.)

If you're interested, please send me an email within the next day or two, as I'd like to have this all sorted out by Friday. It would be especially helpful if you could include a brief overview of what you might post about -- just to give me a rough idea. (For example, if you have a blog of your own already, you might take advantage of the new audience by reproducing or 'remixing' some of your favourite past posts and ideas.) But don't worry about the C.V. ;-)


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