Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Conservatives Wanted

My experimental meme seems to be spreading nicely -- many thanks to all who have joined in. (It has even found its way to France!) I'm especially fortunate in that cognitive scientist Chris of Mixing Memory has kindly volunteered to keep track of the data and analyse the results. (Apparently there are already some interesting correlations beginning to show up, but I won't say more until more data is in.) Anyway, Chris wrote to me with two suggestions:
First, you might try advertising it among women bloggers, or finding a way to encourage women bloggers to do the meme. So far, only 32% of the respondents are female. Second, you might want to try to advertise it in places that more conservative/right wing bloggers will notice it. So far, the average left/right score is -4.41 (the average libertarian/authoritarian is also far to the libertarian side, at -5.77), with a standard deviation small enough to mean that almost all of the area under the curve is in the negative end (i.e., the left end). Conservatives just haven't picked up the meme. It makes correlating the two surveys difficult, because the range of the data is so restricted.

The gender imbalance is being worked on - Cleis of Sappho's Breathing has been extremely helpful, taking the experiment herself and tagging a handful of other female bloggers to continue it.

But we really do need more conservatives (especially female conservatives, as I expect Cleis' bunch are all liberal feminists) and right-wingers generally. If you are a right-wing blogger, please do consider taking the surveys, and nominating some other right-wingers to pick up the meme from you. If you're not right-wing yourself, but you know some bloggers who are, you might consider contacting them and encouraging them to take part. (You can click the envelope icon below to very easily "email this post" to someone appropriate.)

Thanks again to everyone who has chipped in!


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