Friday, June 10, 2005

Zoos in the News

Today I read two somewhat disturbing stories about inappropriate new zoo exhibits. An American zoo will feature a Creationism exhibit, which will no doubt do wonders for the general public's education. But for once the Americans have been outdone. A German zoo is putting Africans on display next to the rhinos and elephants. (I can just imagine the children pointing -- "Ooh, Mama, what's that animal called?")


  1. Well, in all honesty, I wouldn't be the slightest bit offended if they put my distant ancestors (whoever they may be;-)) on display next to whatever animals were common in their location and era. Why should I be? And why should Africans?

  2. I guess... but putting people in a zoo just seems awfully inappropriate somehow. You know, dehumanizing. Then there's the whole "gawking at the exotic savages" aspect to it all.

  3. speaking of dehumanizing.

    "Ooh, Mama, what's that animal called?"
    "It is a human like me dear, you on the other hand...."


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