Wednesday, June 29, 2005


You may have noticed that I've added a temporary notice to the top of this blog, inviting readers to participate in the meme worth spreading. Once enough people do so, I'll take the notice down again. In the meantime, if you find it annoying, you know what you can do to help make it disappear... ;-)

Speaking of annoyances, I should reiterate that the GoogleAds are aimed at those random first-time visitors who happen across my site from search engine queries and such. Regular readers are most welcome to block them out, as I do.

New Zealand bloggers should be sure to send something in for the kiwi carnival by tomorrow!

P.S. Exams are finally over - had my last one (political philosophy) yesterday. As a last-ditch effort to retain my sanity, I should probably take a break from philosophy for a day or two. Might still blog about other stuff though.


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