Monday, June 06, 2005

Justice (Outline)

I've another essay due Thursday. Just so I have all the relevant links conveniently available as I put it together...

Libertarian vs. Utilitarian Justice
1) Overview: contrast historical (libertarian) vs. end state (utilitarian) theories.

2) Utility and Just Deserts. Objections to "past-blindness" leading into libertarian entitlement theory...

3) Problems with transfer principle, including justice-preservation, question-begging definitions of 'freedom', accumulation of power, and ongoing needs.

4) Problems regarding initial acquisition, including illegitimacy of actual holdings.

5) Intergenerational justice and future-blindness. Rejection of absolute rights.

6) Sacrifice and the Separateness of Persons.

7) Self-ownership and parental neglect.

8) Equal concern and illegitimate preferences [forthcoming]


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