Friday, May 06, 2005

Carnival Postponed

[Update: There's just one more day to get your submissions and nominations in for the upcoming carnival!]

[Moved to front from May 2]

I'm told it's a busy time of year for those in the northern hemisphere. At any rate, the marked lack of submissions means we'll be postponing the 13th Philosophers' Carnival till next week. Hopefully that will give people time to make their submissions and nominations. So the new deadline is this (upcoming) weekend -- try to get your entries in by Saturday to give the host time to prepare.

In the meantime, anyone with carnival cravings can head over to Hugo's blog for the history version. He concludes by noting the importance of widespread participation:
[I]t seems difficult to sustain the notion that the Carnival is a summary of the best blogging on historical subjects when it actually only represents a collection of posts that I happened to read and judge worthy of recognition.

I can certainly sympathize with that concern. If you look at the current list of PhilosophyCarnival nominations, all eight so far have been made by me. (I think we've had three self-submissions in addition.) Like Hugo, I don't mind doing this, but I think the carnival would benefit from the guidance of a wider range of preferences. Of course, if people are flat out with exam preparation right now then that's quite understandable. But I hope that in future we might see more widespread participation than in the past -- especially when it comes to nominating others' posts.


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