Friday, April 15, 2005

Philosoblog Essay Competition

MelbournePhilosopher is planning an essay competition:
...aimed at other bloggers and with prizemoney attached. But before officially announcing any such competition, I would like people's feedback as to the structure it might take... I don't mind blowing $150 once-off, and then if it gets popular, maybe we can get it sponsored somehow for making it a yearly, semesterly or quarterly event.

I would give the competition a "theme", an include a marking criteria for how well the essay addressed the topic. The purpose would be multifaceted - to raise the profile of blogging, to build the online library, to encourage people to submit *and read* other essays, to encourage the sharing of really well-written essays, to spread blogger knowledge and copy-left knowledge.

I think it sounds great. Read the full details here, and leave MP a comment to let him know what you think of the idea, and perhaps add any suggestions you might have.


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