Thursday, April 28, 2005


Update: [moved to front from Apr 26.] The near total lack of submissions and nominations (other than ones I've made) so far is worrying. There are only a couple of days left, as entries should be in by Saturday. What are you waiting for?
The 13th Philosophers' Carnival is coming up next week, to be hosted at Mormon Metaphysics. Keep an eye out for posts to nominate (I do hope people will make use of the new system. It really is extremely quick and easy to use, and greater participation would make organizing quality carnivals so much easier.) And don't forget to submit a post of your own before the end of the week!

Speaking of, I like it so much I'll soon be using it in place of my sideblog. My list of links can be found here (RSS feed).

Also, for anyone using Blogger, note that it would be very easy to implement 'categories' for your posts using tags. Simply tag each of your blog posts with an appropriate tag(s), e.g. "cat_politics", and you're done. For example, here is my politics category -- though I've only added two posts so far. (I haven't yet decided whether to replace my current categorization system, though I probably will eventually, since using instead will save me much time in future.)


  1. Thanks very much for mentioning I'm going to use it for categorizing my blog entries.

  2. That does look like a good way to do categories. Personally, though, I like your sideblog as is. It's good to have brief descriptions of what you're linking to, and not just links with its title. As on aldaily, that makes it a lot easier to click through to the ones that interest me. Unless you can do the same thing with, my vote is for keeping the sideblog.

  3. Yup, you can add descriptions to your links. (Though of course, depending on how lazy or rushed I am, there's no guarantee that I always will!)

  4. Richard I suspect that finals, post-semester vacations, and all the other things that happen around April may be limiting things somewhat. Heaven knows I've been busy and I'm not even in school anymore. (But the traffic has been awful with people arriving, moving, graduating, etc.)

    Anyway, it might be wise to postpone it a week.

  5. Yeah, that may prove necessary if things don't pick up drastically over the next couple days.


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