Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Damn Spam

Some asshole called "NewsMan" has started spamming the comments to my archived posts with links to porn sites. I've managed to delete them all so far, but it's a real nuisance. I wish the folks at Blogger.com would allow us to ban specific commenters. (Merely disallowing anonymous comments would not help, since he has a Blogger profile - #3783873 - see the link above.)

But by examining my site stats I did managed to work out some more details about the bastard. He came to my site through the google search: site:blogspot.com +"post a comment" +html. He's situated in Poland, with Domain Name vline.pl and his IP address is 217.76.116.#. (Unfortunately the free version of site meter does not seem to reveal the full IP address!)

Perhaps the idiot doesn't realise that Blogger comment links do not boost Google page-rank, so his porn sites wouldn't even benefit from the spamming anyway. Unless he was hoping that the occasional visitor browsing my archives might manually follow the links, but I wouldn't expect that to deliver enough traffic to be worth the bother. Oh well, whatever his aim, the guy is scum and I wish Hell existed so he could be sent there. Or, failing that, I wish the folks at Blogger.com would delete his account. Or, failing that, at least let me ban him to prevent further vandalization of my site.


  1. This raises a possibility that hadn't occurred to me before. In previous conversations (on this blog and elsewhere) it has been suggested that making spam unprofitable would help put a stop to it. I still think that's probably true, but it might not make as big a dent as one might hope.

    This guy is apparently engaging in unprofitable spamming. He just doesn't *know* that it's unprofitable. I wonder how many spammers are like that. If lots of them are, then making spam unprofitable wouldn't be enough; you'd also make sure spammers *know* what is profitable and what isn't.

    I'm guessing that most of the people who run porn sites aren't especially astute businessmen. If so, then even if you introduced measures to make spam unprofitable, the "problem of unprofitable porn spamming" might actually turn out to be a pretty big one.

  2. But if there was little to no spam, then the little spam that did exist would be noticable thus being more effective at advertising than in the current glut of information.

  3. This guy is still on Blogger. I don't know if he went on another large spam run (he didn't have that post a comment search referrer), but he did leave some on my blog. I have reported him to blogger more than once but got no response. After his recent attack I put up a post about him:


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