Monday, March 21, 2005

Philosophers' Carnival #11

The 11th Philosophers' Carnival is now up at Clayton Littlejohn's blog.

There are a lot of interesting entries on offer -- mostly because Clayton did such a great job "scour[ing] the blogosphere" for extra entries to include. Next time be sure to submit a post yourself to help ease the load of our overworked hosts!

Update: My favourite posts this time around were probably Tucker on metaphysics, Clark on maths, Hugo on scientific realism, and Chris Ragg on degrees of belief (which ties in nicely with a previous post of mine).

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  1. Sorry for not submitting. I had several I planned on writing and then got too busy over the weekend. I'd actually forgotten about my post on math. Which actually brings to mind a question I've had. I know that after his incompleteness theorem that Godel moved towards mathematic realism. I mentioned that the theorem was targeted towards mathematical realism, but after doing some reading I'm not so sure that is right. It appears to my limited research that he becamse a heavy realist after the theorem - especially in discussions with Carnap.


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