Thursday, March 17, 2005

New Template

I've made some significant changes to the site template, so... what do you think?

Note that the semi-transparent backgrounds will only display properly on decent browsers like Firefox. Internet Explorer renders it opaque, and the wrong colour to boot. So if you think it looks ugly, check that isn't the reason first. (And if it is, take advantage of the big 'Get Firefox' button I've added to the sidebar!)

Otherwise, let me know of any bugs, problems, or just general suggestions you care to offer. (I'm thinking of cutting the blogroll back down to about half its present size. Any objections?)


  1. The increasing of the text size when your cursor is over a link is awfully annoying.

  2. Okay, I can change that easily enough.

  3. I don't know why, but I have trouble scrolling down your page now. I use Mozilla as well.

  4. What sort of trouble? I think the background images might cause slower loading-times, which might hamper attempts to scroll? Does it work eventually, or is it a serious problem?

    Jason mentioned to me that the comments [temporarily?] weren't working, but I think that's an issue with the Blogger server, not my new template.

    If anyone else has problems, do let me know. (The more detail, the better.) If all else fails, I can revert back to the old template easily enough. I'd just prefer not to, because I think this new one looks much nicer!

  5. I looked at your site just now in both explorer and firefox and I saw no difference but that firefox made all the words on your page look jagged.

    I am not getting this firefox is better thing.

  6. (Note that this post is from 2005. I have changed my template again since then, so the post is out of date.)


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