Friday, February 18, 2005

More Free Charity

Via Jonathan Ichikawa:
Here's a really easy way to make the world slightly better. Every time someone clicks on the appropriate little button at between now and March 31, the website sponsors will contribute 25 cents to micro-credit poverty relief programs worldwide. It's way easy, and you can click twice a day.

See also Click to make a difference, and the hunger site 'click to donate free food' button which is at the bottom of each page of this blog.

Update: Leave a comment here within the next couple days and John Quiggin will donate $1 to charity on your behalf. How cool is that? See also my earlier discussion of indirect charity appeals.

1 comment:

  1. Yet more free charity...

    If you want to help charity without any cost to yourself, give this site ago... You can set the fundraising page as your hom epage, and just use the search engine option to search through google as you would normally, and make a little for charity... It takes barely any time, and if you buy things online you can make more by linking from them to ebay, amazon and tons of other sites, and then registering your purchases...

    You can even earn money for yourself - which you can just donate to a charity of your choosing, of course!

    Many charities are there, and you can even register other charities.

    Check it out.


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