Sunday, January 16, 2005

Philosophers' Carnival #8

... is now up at Enwe's Meta-blog.

She begins by noting the lack of female participants. I hope in future carnivals we might hear more from Lindsay, Shieva, and Michelle, and perhaps Harriet and "Amanda" too (though there's some controversy over whether the latter is actually female).

Gender imbalance aside, there are a lot of really excellent posts on offer in this carnival. Three in particular stood out for me.

First is Chris' post on how to study intuitions, which I think raises some very important methodological issues for experimental philosophers.

Second: Clark's provocative discussion of philosophy and rhetoric, raising the question of whether we can genuinely seek truth or merely reinforce/rationalize our philosophic prejudices.

Third is this gem from OrangePhilosophy, which playfully asks: "If you had to choose, would you rather eat poo-flavored-chocolate or chocolate-flavored-poo?" You might be surprised by how deeply philosophical some of the resulting conversation is!


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