Thursday, January 20, 2005

New Feature: Sideblog

[26 Dec] If you're reading this from my main page, you'll see I've added a 'sideblog' to the sidebar. I usually only blog about a small fraction of the interesting posts and articles that I come across. Now I can share those other links too without cluttering up my main blog with lots of little posts. Very handy!

Update: [11 Jan] I'm so impressed with the folks at that I've decided to pay (all of $1) for their 'premium service'. So now you can leave comments on side-posts (just click the little number below each post). Also, my sideblog's archives are now publicly available, in case you want to dig up an old link.

21 Jan: Just out of curiosity, is anyone else finding the sideblog useful or interesting? Not that it much matters, since I find it invaluable just for myself (I never used to remember to check back on others' posts that I'd commented on, but my 'commenting elsewhere' links now make this much easier). But I guess there wouldn't be much point to the "here's a link I found interesting"-type posts if no-one else was using them. I notice a couple of other bloggers picked up on the recent age-quiz link, at least. But do let me know what you think of it more generally :)

And, as always, any advice or suggestions are most welcome. For example, I can change the number of entries that are displayed. At the moment it's on 15, which at my current rate means new posts will probably be available for about 3-5 days before disappearing into the archives.

P.S. All those who read my blog via RSS will need to visit the main page every now and then if you want to keep track of my side-posts also. The folks at have promised that the next release will include an RSS feed, but I have no idea when that will be.

P.P.S. Due to time-zone issues, the sideblog's purported 'time of posting' is 5 hours behind my local time [GMT +12]. (As if I'd ever be awake at 7am! Ha.)


  1. Richard, I really like the side blog (and not just because you link me a lot). I've found a bunch of cool links there. 

    Posted by Chris

  2. I think it's a good idea, Richard; for instance, it has signalled potentially interesting posts on a number of blogs I only read very sporadically, so it makes it possible for me to read them sooner than I otherwise would (if I ever did). 

    Posted by Brandon

  3. Okay, that's good to know. :) 

    Posted by Richard


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