Sunday, December 26, 2004

Xmas Carnival

The next Philosophers' Carnival is set for Monday 27th Wednesday 29th Dec, at Mixing Memory.

If you have a philosophy-related blog, don't forget to submit a post!

Update: [Post moved to front and carnival date changed...]
If you were too busy before Christmas to submit a post, you've now got a couple more days in which to do so.


  1. I'll make a guess that you'll not get a lot until the holidays are over. Everyone is pretty busy and a lot of blogs are down until school starts up again. 

    Posted by Clark

  2. Maybe I can steal all their traffic while they're not looking. Come on over, the water's fine! :P 

    Posted by Tennessee Leeuwenburg

  3. Can't wait for this carnival! 

    Posted by Chase Whittemore


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