Monday, December 13, 2004

10 000!

It looks like this blog received its ten thousandth visitor at some point last night. Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Congrats for the success. I'm rather enjoying the expansion of philosophical blogs, if only because I'm convinced that philosophy works best in a dialogical fashion.

    Brief request for your site. I notice you're using the Blogger Hack (Metempsychosis). As you may know there is a bug in the hack that causes trouble with Safari, the most popular browser for OSX. It causes the comments to reload endlessly. (If ever you have a ton of page hits disproportionate to the number of unique visitors, this is why)

    Someone found the bug. So I've been sending the fix to all the blogs I regularly read that use Metempsychosis (aka Blogger Hack).

    It's because of the code "window.location=nanchor;"

    Safari reloads the page on window.location instead of jumping down the page, like the code wants you to do. Simply removing that would fix it.


    Posted by Clark

  2. Thanks Clark, I had been worried about that bug, though I enjoyed the convenient inline comments too much to remove the hack entirely. So I'm glad the problem can now be fixed - I'll take care of that immediately. (I hope there aren't any nasty side-effects to removing that code? I guess we'll soon see...) 

    Posted by Richard

  3. Looking at the code, I notice that this change would render the "named anchor correction" impotent. So I just removed that entire script - it wasn't serving any important service anyway. Some people might now find that after clicking the 'recent comments' link, their browser doesn't automatically scroll to the chosen comment. But that's preferable to the reloading bug, so I made the changes.

    (Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.) 

    Posted by Richard


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