Monday, November 15, 2004

Philosophers' Carnival #5

The fifth Philosophers' Carnival is now available at Ciceronian Review. Many of the posts are related to philosophy of science, which we haven't seen much of in previous carnivals.

It's also good to see so many new (first-time) contributors. But a pity some of my old favourites were missing! Maybe they'll submit something next time...

One more thing: If you have a philosophy blog of your own, you may wish to consider hosting a future carnival. Let me know if you're interested.

Update: I just want to second the following comment made by the carnival host:
I note as well an unfortunate taste among some of our contributors for small white text on black backgrounds. Philosophy may be hard, but it should not for that be hard to read.

I've noticed the effect of this varies depending on which computer I'm reading them from. It's fine on some, but on others it's damn near impossible to read white-on-black writing.


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