Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Bunch o' links

Some interesting science links...

Scientists have grown a little "brain in a vat" out of rat neurons, and trained it to fly a (simulated) fighter plane.

It turns out treating sewage can generate electricity.

Drunken Elephants run amok, perhaps wake up next morning with unprecedented memory gaps?

No doubt you've already heard about the discovery of a new species of little hominids, Homo floresiensis, dubbed "hobbits" due to their diminuative stature (3 ft tall adults!). But far and away the best write-up I've seen is by Carl Zimmer. If you haven't read that yet, do so! (Desmond Morris also makes some interesting comments.)

Also, I've updated my post on Brain-Computer interface with a few more links where this fascinating new technology (and its ethical implications) are discussed.

In other news...

I'm continuously updating my blogroll. Some notable recent additions include group-blogs Metatome (on teaching philosophy) and Undetached Rabbit Parts (University of Western Michigan graduate students).
[Update: and a new philosophy blog called Illusive Mind.]

Positive Liberty is writing a blog novel this month. He's an excellent writer, and the chapters so far are quite entertaining.

Lastly, Mixing Memory is sick of politics, which is great news, because it means we get treated to a bunch of posts on cognitive science instead!


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