Saturday, August 14, 2004

Philosophers' Carnival?

In light of the Tangled Bank science blog 'carnival', I've been thinking that philosophers really need a similar carnival of their own.

The basic idea is that each week - or however often it is held - philosophy bloggers can email the carnival 'host' with a link to their best recent post. The host then collates all of those links together, and posts them (each with a brief excerpt) in one convenient location.

I think something like this could prove very beneficial to the booming philosophical blogosphere. It would provide many relatively unknown blogs with the opportunity to gain some exposure and attract a wider audience. It would also be extremely convenient for busy readers, to see the best that a wide range of philosophy blogs have to offer, without having to go to the bother of searching through them all individually.

I'm currently thinking that the best and easiest way to organise it would be to model the carnival on Tangled Bank, and have a central website, but a new host each week. Such shared hosting could encourage a wider group of bloggers to participate and become involved in the project.

I'd be happy to organise this myself - though any help or advice would be very much appreciated. To get this project started, we'll need two things in particular:
  • A name for the carnival
  • Some influential bloggers to spread the word and generally help promote it.
Please leave a comment, or email me, if you think you can help in any way here.

Update: I've created a homepage for the Philosophers' Carnival (I'm still waiting to hear suggestions for a better name). So check it out, and email me with any suggestions, feedback, or submissions!

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  1. Influential Bloggers :

    Matt Carter, god knows how, has a Google PageRank of 4 for his site,, so advertising through him would give a lot of google priority. You might also be able to keep a reference on wikipedia for a while although you need to be pretty relevant to stay on there. You can add a link from my site, and once it's done I'll do a blog posting which will go also to the 15 odd people on the mailing list... Allen Hazen ( puts out a fortnightly or so mail, and would probably include the URL in that for you. I don't know if there's a NZ equivalent.

    Greg Restall ( has a seldom-updated but reasonably well visited blog.

    I have yet to work out how blogs make it to the "massively popular" stages that you see them at - I assume it's just time and chance.


    Posted by Tennessee Leeuwenburg


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