Wednesday, August 04, 2004

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  • "Richard Chappell has written more consistently interesting posts than virtually any blogger I can think of. He's independent, creative, witty--and he shows absolutely none of the sophistry that so often infects undergraduate philosophy students. The man is brilliant, period." - Jason Kuznicki of Positive Liberty

  • "Richard is quite remarkable; an undergraduate student at the University of Canterbury, he has a lucidity and sophistication that make it very likely that he's up and coming: very likely to accomplish something significant if he keeps going." - Brandon of Siris

  • "one of the brightest young minds in the philosophy blogosphere" - Peter Thurley

  • "New Zealand's most intelligent blogger, Richard Chappell of Philosophy, et cetera." - Nigel Kearney of Kiwi Pundit

  • "I always enjoy Richard's posts on Philosphy, et cetera even though most of them are shall we say fairly abstract and can make your head hurt." - David Farrar

  • "a fascinating and extremely well
    written site
    " - Matt Murrell

  • "my hat is off to you Richard Chappell, keep up the good work" - Marko Saariselk√§

Other Blogospheric Stuff:
  • Tim-berrr - A post of mine gets a lot of attention.

  • Resentment - Said post upsets an immature professor.

  • Blogging Gems - some great comebacks that bloggers have come up with, from ponies to pygmies.

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