Monday, August 16, 2004

Category: Favourite Posts

  • Dreams & Sensations - do the latter really occur in the former?

  • Sensation & Subjectivity - Are sensations purely subjective things? How about beliefs? Could you have one without realising it? Could you think you have one, when really you don't?

  • Inclination vs Duty - Is it better to act morally because you want to, or because you feel obliged to?

  • Artificial Empatelligence - When computers get personal.

  • Interactive Fictions - a.k.a. The Philosophy of Video Games.

  • Truth & Relativism - On the absurdity of extreme relativism, but the usefulness of a more limited sort, which can help us to understand value-claims objectively.

  • Skepticism & the Matrix - outlines the problem of skepticism, and a possible response from Alethic Contextualism.

  • 2-envelopes paradox - an interesting puzzle about probability.

  • Brash on Crime - What role should prisons play in society?

  • Affirmative Aristocracy - why Maori shouldn't get preferential treatment based solely on race

  • All New Zealanders - Rejects both extremes of assimilation vs biculturalism, in favour of reciprocal integration

  • Personality Tests - The best one I know of. Take it yourself!