Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Carnival Update

With the generous help of Matthew Mullins, I've updated the Philosophers' Carnival homepage so that people can now easily submit links for the carnival, using a form right there on the page itself. No more email, no more hassle. It's great.

The 'Post Link' is the only really crucial part of the form - we need to know the URL of the post if we are to link to it! The rest is optional, though it would be helpful to fill it in anyway - especially the "Post Description", which the carnival host can then use as their quoted excerpt. Note that "Your Email" address will simply be used to send an automatic confirmation email.

So now all we need is some submissions...

If you have a philosophy blog of your own, you should:
  • Link to the carnival homepage from your own site, encouraging your readers to get involved
  • Submit a post yourself!

  • (Also, we need volunteers for future hosts. This requires a little bit more work - not very much though, and my site got about a thousand hits from the first carnival, so it's well worth your while. Send me an email if you're interested.)

    I should emphasise that this is a community project, and relies upon your participation. We need your help. If you read a post you like, then submit it. If you have a philosophy blog of your own, you should definitely submit something.

    Remember, carnival #2 is coming soon, and hosted by Brandon of Siris. If a post of yours is selected, be sure to link to the new carnival once it's up and running!

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