Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Damn Bugs

Blogger seems a bit screwed up - it refuses to update my main page. Until this is fixed, you might need to instead check my index page to see any new posts. Also, I'll keep this post updated with links to any 'missing' posts.

[Note: If the main page freezes again, it will not display updated versions of this post. You will need to check the individual permalink instead.]

Sorry for any inconvenience - I'm hoping the Blogger support crew will sort out what's wrong soon!

Details of the problem:
I think the main page is supposed to load the index file automatically, but it is clearly failing to do so (instead it is loading an old, outdated version - pressing 'refresh' doesn't do any good, so it doesn't seem to just be my computer's cache.)

A similar problem has just cropped up with the archive file. The usual archive link loads an older page, even though the actual archive file is newly updated and works fine if directly loaded.

If anyone reading this has any idea what's going on or how to fix it, please email me! (Or leave a comment)

Update: A friend checked the site and said the main page loads fine for him. Perhaps it's just my computer after all? If you can spare a moment, please leave a comment and let me know whether the main & index pages appear the same to you.

2nd Update: Looks like the main page has caught up to my Brash post for me too now, so that's good. I'm hoping these 12-hour delays will stop altogether, but I'll keep up the 'technical difficulties' message until I'm sure (i.e. if it can last 24 hours without any more freeze-ups). A good test will be to see whether this update appears on my main page or not...


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