Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Computer Art

Chaoscopia is a very cool site. It features artworks generated from mathematical (fractal-based?) algorithms - though I wouldn't have guessed it just by looking.

Here's a sample:

Check out the galleries for more.

Speaking generally, I tend to find computer-generated drawings and animations more aesthetically appealing than hand-drawn stuff. I'm not exactly sure why. Perhaps they can achieve extra clarity, or vibrancy of colour? I don't know much about art, so it'd be great to hear from someone more informed as to just what the differences are. I guess as far as movies go, CG animations look a lot more realistic than cartoons, and can have more fluid movement, etc.

But I even find some CG landscapes to look more beautiful than reality. Others can look quite disturbing, though in an exciting sort of a way. CG art often strikes me as having a feeling of magic or perfection/precision to it. Does this make it better at portraying extremes of utopian/dystopian imagery, perhaps?


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