Saturday, June 26, 2004


Two exams down, one to go. That one being on political theory, I'll probably write up some blog posts as I revise over the next couple of days. Possible topics include Tocqueville and Mill on democracy, Mill on liberty & utility, Hume on the social contract, and Bentham on natural rights (and possibly utilitarianism).

For a couple of interesting links:
The Grey Shade recommends a "2-stage process for criminal proceedings", where juries first decide between proven/not-proven, and if 'not proven', they choose whether or not to give a "positive finding of innocence" through a 'not guilty' verdict.

David Farrar has a useful summary of NZ bloggers' reactions to the early success of the Civil Unions Bill.

For my own two cents, I must say I'm surprised and disappointed that John Tamihere voted against it - I wouldn't've picked him as a social conservative. Also surprising was that some good can come out of NZ First after all, with the following quote from Brian Donnelly: "You don't make your own candle glow brighter by blowing out someone else's". Very nicely put.

Update: Tamihere explains his vote:

The biggest (or at least most controversial) event of the week as far as politics was concerned was the introduction of the Civil Union Bill. I voted against – timing and take-up of social moves are important and I judged my constituents' appetite to be against it. Frankly, I've got a whole list of higher priorities. (Emphasis added)

He's representing bigots so he thought he'd better go along with them. Charming.


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