Monday, June 14, 2004

Category: Mind

Posts about psychology, philosophy of mind, cognitive science, etc.

Personhood & Personal Identity:

Consciousness and Subjectivity:
  • Dreams and Sensations - on whether the latter occur in the former

  • Sensations, Beliefs, & Subjectivity - are sensations purely subjective things? How about beliefs? Could you have one without realising it? Could you think you have one, when really you don't?

  • Private Languages - Do purely subjective phrases have any meaning? (My version of) Wittgenstein's argument suggests not.

  • Public Minds - Are the contents of our minds truly - in principle - private?

  • Illusions and Zombies - on whether non-conscious people ('zombies') would be fooled by optical illusions

  • The Cartesian Theatre - outlines Dennett's arguments against the common-sense view that there is a place in the brain where "it all comes together" and consciousness 'occurs'.

  • Representing Time - We can represent time using a medium other than time itself, so the temporal order in subjective experience may differ from the objective order of events.

  • Sensory Substitution - Tactile stimuli can give rise to visual experiences. The blind shall see...

  • "Filling in" for presentation - Explaining the blind spot without positing extravagant mental 'paint'.

  • Multiple Drafts - Overview of Dennett's theory of consciousness.

Free Will:

Related Topics: Freedom is discussed further in some of my political philosophy, religion, and metaphysics posts.
Posts on Fiction (including our emotional response to fiction) are in the Semantics category.