Sunday, June 13, 2004

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A bunch of links to external documents and fiction writings...

Curriculum Vitae

Philosophy Essays:
  • Rousseau on Freedom - Examines whether the society described within Rousseau's 'Social Contract' is one whose citizens are "free" (according to various interpretations of the word).

  • Skepticism - Gives an overview of the problem of skepticism, and various possible responses. Includes my own semantic solution, and epistemic externalist responses (e.g. Nozick & DeRose).

  • Free Will - Critique of Van Inwagen's incompatibilist argument. Much improved from my blog post though! I argue that by adopting a purely logical (i.e. non-causal) understanding of the phrase 'render false', Van Inwagen loses the ability to distinguish between 'rendering false' past vs future propositions. I show why his premises are false according to the hypothetical analysis of 'could', and argue that his defence of these premises unwittingly commits him to espouse an unsound argument for fatalism. [Probably the best essay I've yet written.]

  • Fiction:
  • Pyromancer - a short story ('novella' might be more accurate) I wrote a few years ago. Fantasy/horror.

  • Wishing Well - a poem I wrote a few years ago. Fantasy/horror (just kidding!).
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    1. Hey,

      I'll try to get round to reading some of these sometime when I'm not at work. In the meantime, I'm trying to encourage people to post their essays to to build up an archive of free-to-read philosophy. If you're enthusiastic about that kind of thing, let me know, I'd be interested...


      Posted by Tennessee Leeuwenburg


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