Sunday, May 16, 2004

Category: Ethics


Reasons, Moral Motivation and Normative Force:


Value and Well-Being:
  • The Population Paradox - How can we avoid Parfit's "repugnant conclusion"?

  • Methods for Analyzing Well-Being - Is there some procedure we can use to help us decide between rival theories of well-being?

  • Desire Fulfillment - What is the good life? Where does value come from? What constitutes a harm?

  • An Analysis of Value - Outlines Fyfe's four-dimensional analysis of value claims, but focusing on non-moral value.

  • Flourishing - Do desire-fulfillment (DF) theories of welfare provide an adequate account of human flourishing? This post attempts to defend DF against various objections.

  • Ideal Decisions - Would an ideal agent ever choose something undesired?

  • The Origin of Ends - How do people adopt new ultimate ends? Does it matter?

  • Third-Person Wellbeing - A thought experiment suggesting that our concept of wellbeing may vary depending on whether we judge from a first- or third-person perspective.

  • 'Good To' and 'Good For' - The distinction between personal value and well-being in particular.

  • Welfare and the Good Life - Can we distinguish a person from their life, and so judge a person's well-being independently from the success of their life?

  • Veridical Enjoyment - A compromise between hedonistic and desire-fulfilment theories of well-being.

  • Counterfactual Preferences and Elitism - Can desire theorists justify the claim that some preferences are better than others?

  • Respecting Past Desires - Are past desires ever relevant to our well-being?

  • Global Preferences - Why brute maximization of desire-fulfilment need not be what's best for us. Why the content of a desire may count for more than its strength.

  • Well-Being Essay - What is the best conception of well-being?


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