Sunday, May 16, 2004


Now that my posts are archived individually, I've decided to make a series of "Category" posts. Their purpose will be to provide links to all my posts on a given subject.

The best blogging tools allow you to automatically archive your posts into categories. Alas, Blogger (being free and all) is not the best. So I'll have to do this manually - and update them regularly - which is rather time-consuming. I think (and hope) the added convenience will make it worth the effort.

They should also prove useful to any new readers to this site, in helping you to get a feel for the place. Some of my individual posts might seem out of place and hard to follow; hopefully tying them together like this will help readers to see the common thread which runs through (some of) them.

I might also include some off-site links, where appropriate.

One last note - the diversity of topics I've posted about means that it's not worth creating categories for every subject I've blogged on. Many of my old posts will just sit away in the monthly archives, uncategorized, until I write more on the subject - enough for it to be worthwhile grouping the posts together.

So although I'll probably start off with very few categories (and not all my posts will be included in them) more will get added as the site grows.


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